Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Time to Speak Up for Reston

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Time to Speak Up for Reston

Fairfax County is currently attempting to again re-zone Reston. As anyone who drives down Sunrise Valley or Sunset Hills Drives can see, the future of the Transportation Corridor is already being written in the shape of huge structures that use every bit of available space to butt directly up to roads that have very little, or no, capacity to expand. This is contrary enough to the original vision of Reston, but a done deal. Do we also want to navigate our way through underground parking structures in each of our village centers simply to buy a quart of milk? What evidence can Fairfax County provide that this is not in our future?

Given what we can see with our own eyes in the Transportation Corridor, and the stated intention to almost double the population, what evidence can Fairfax County provide that proves its commitment to preserve the character of the whole of Reston? Very few of the original planned towns of the 1960s survived, much less succeeded as well as Reston has to this point.

Are we going to become part of Fairfax County’s general urban sprawl, with just a few plaques left at the Lake Anne Village Center to remind us that Reston was once valued as a pleasant and peaceful place to live? I understand that there is much to gain in the form of revenue that goes into Fairfax County’s coffers.

What does Reston gain? At what cost? Fairfax County is rolling quickly ahead in this process, and now is the time for those of us who value the quality of life Reston offers to speak up.

Kim Wible