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Opinion: Commentary: Ending Election Fraud

My earliest experience in government and politics came when I was a senior in high school.

Opinion: Independent Progressive: On the Road Again

Now that the country is pretty much down to a pandemic of the unvaccinated with national public health policy guided by science, not weird politics, we think this is the time to make up for travel we had to cancel in 2020.

Opinion: Commentary: Economic Recovery Is More Than Escaping COVID-19

Our local economy is in a precarious position, and it’s not just because of pandemic

Over the last year, our economy struggled to hang on amidst unpredictable changes in pandemic regulations, with over 45 percent of small businesses in the region closing permanently or temporarily, and roughly 49,000 Fairfax County residents remain unemployed.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Free and Open Exchange Benefits All

Across the nation, state lawmakers are actively working to prevent students from having an open and equitable history education - one that both acknowledges the role of racism in the United States and portrays the lived realities and viewpoints of people in marginalized communities accurately.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Let’s Have an Intellectually Honest Gubernatorial Contest

As a lifelong Republican who voted for Trump twice, I’m truly dismayed by our party’s reliance on false narrative and grievance-driven politics.

Opinion: Commentary: Awash in Cash?

With the news reports of the cash coming to state and local governments from the federal government to provide relief from the effects of the COVID pandemic and the announcement that Virginia will have a sizable cash balance at the end of this fiscal year, one could conclude that government is awash in cash!

Opinion: Column: Definitely on My List

As the month of May was swept away with the last of the network-season's original programming, those of us still in lockdown and quarantining had our own reality to embrace: there was nothing new on network television.

Opinion: Commentary: Virginia’s Largest Industry

Virginia’s largest private industry is agriculture with an economic impact of $70 billion annually and 334,000 jobs.

Opinion: Column: Time to Kill

(Again, not a cancer column. Given the title, it would be a pretty gruesome reference to my life in the cancer world if it were.)

Opinion: Commentary: Rewriting the Constitution of Virginia

The celebration of the fourth of July this week reminds us that not only did the colonies in America break free from the Mother Country in 1776, but they embarked on a course of independence that included written constitutions.

Opinion: Column: I'm the Big Winner

(Not a cancer column.)

Opinion: Commentary: Schools As a Political Football

When I graduated in January 1965 from the newly named Old Dominion College (now University) that had previously been the Norfolk Extension of William and Mary, I found the job market bleak for persons with history and political science majors.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Really?

I take issue with the page 3 sub-headline "Primary voters select candidates with gender and racial diversity but lacking in regional balance." (Connection, June 16-22, 2021).

Opinion: Column: And the “Scancer” Is...

And the "Scancer" Is... ...stable, with a side of shrinkage, however modest.

Opinion: Commentary: Gun Violence Epidemic

Three people were shot to death in Herndon last week—a mother and her two children, in an incident the police termed “horrific.”