Dance to Provoke and Challenge

Dance to Provoke and Challenge

‘Sacred Profane,’ Erica Rebollar in performance.

‘Sacred Profane,’ Erica Rebollar in performance.

Arts Council of Fairfax County Strauss Artist Grant recipient Erica Rebollar


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Erica Rebollar

and Rebollar Dance are returning to CenterStage. This time the performance is “Sacred Profane.” With an all-women cast of diverse ages, cultures and ethnicities, “Sacred Profane” uses music compositions like tapestries of sound by Jeffrey Dorfman along with pops songs and classical music.

Strauss Artist Grants recognize the work and contributions to the quality of life in Fairfax County of professional artists; their continued pursuit of their creative work; their achievements and demonstrated history of accomplishments. Holding a MFA from UCLA, Rebollar is also a Visiting Lecturer of Dance, University of Maryland-Baltimore County and adjunct faculty, George Washington University.

The D.C. area “is multi-cultural, yet cultures are divided; women’s life experiences are often not shared,” said Rebollar. “‘Sacred Profane’ is a choreographed performance that skirts the boundaries of risk-taking” with a cross-cultural perspective on themes such as femininity.

The performance of “Sacred Profane” means to be “a loose, provocative canvass with bodies in motion,” said Rebollar. “Movements, situations and stories are contrasted to each other to provoke questions and challenge ideas.”

Asked about the title “Sacred Profane,” Rebollar indicated it came to her after travels to Morocco and observing the local culture then thinking about American culture and the cultural expectations of both countries.

“I sought to find a common denominator through gender, and explore our shared experiences as well as what makes us different. This work is the outcome,” said Rebollar. “Through viewing the differing cultural expectations, dress codes, societal norms, and behavioral defenses that women of Morocco and America display and deal with, I then imagined the title ‘Sacred Profane.’”

The performance of “Sacred Profane” at Reston’s CenterStage is in partnership with D.C.’s Dance Place. Dance Place is “committed to enriching the field of dance locally, nationally and internationally.” Founded nearly four decades ago, Dance Place aims to build “a community of artists, audiences and students through high quality performances, commissions, training and educational programs.”

The all-women “Sacred Profane” cast of performers combines backgrounds in various dance genres and viewpoint. The performance includes collaboration with a punk rock dance band, South Asian Performing Arts Network (SAPAN), Somapa Thai Dance Company, and guest artists Heather Doyle and Annemarie Clark.

Where and When

Reston Community Center/CenterStage presents “Sacred Profane” by Rebollar Dance at the Hunters Woods Village Center, 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston. Performance: Wednesday, April 5, at 8 p.m. Tickets $15-$20. Call 703-476-4500 or visit

With dance that is at times celebratory and other times irreverent, Rebollar indicated that “Sacred Profane” is an evening length “woman spectacular.”