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Marching for ‘Park Free RTC’

Hundreds protest new Reston Town Center parking fees.

Hundreds of people opposed Reston Town Center’s new paid parking scheme on Saturday, March 4, by marching in a “Park Free RTC” protest march.

RA Reviews Newly Published Lake House Report

Reston Lake House Report

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Board of Supervisors Approves $2.2 Billion Infrastructure Plan

Associated Road Fund approved; Service District vote will be next month.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the $2.2 billion Reston Transportation Funding Plan and its associated road fund on Tuesday, Feb. 28, despite vocal opposition from community members.

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Reston Soccer Field Proposal Gets Kicked Off the Table

Foul calls exchanged.

The Reston Association Board of Directors voted to kill a proposal by the Reston Soccer Association to fund the renovation of the Lake Newport Soccer Park on Reston Parkway.

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Homeowners Oppose Proposed Transit Area Tax

Lack of notification also criticized.

Homeowners voiced concern about paying a proposed service district tax that is being proposed in Reston and outside the Town of Herndon.

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Restonians Organize Against Paid Parking At Town Center

Protest March Set for Saturday, March 4

Restonians are revolting against paid parking at Reston Town Center.

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Heated Debate About Reston's Lake House Review

Members of the Reston community vented their frustrations and concerns about an independent review of the Reston Association that is underway during a community input session at RA headquarters on Thursday, Feb. 9.

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Faith Communities Come Together to Feed and Protect Homeless From Hypothermia

The county’s Hypothermia Prevention Program is now offering homeless individuals refuge from the winter cold.

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Governor Visits Reston to Announce Commitment to Hiring More Veterans

Gov. Terry McAuliffe visited Reston on Wednesday, Feb. 1, to announce a new goal of hiring 25,000 veterans in the state of Virginia through the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program by 2018.

Reston: Lake House Review Gets More Expensive

Price tag for independent review goes from $1 to up to $45K.

The Reston Association Board of Directors hired StoneTurn Group, LLC to independently review the processes it used to purchase and renovate the Lake House property. The decision was made in executive session during the board’s regular meeting on Thursday, Jan. 26.

RA Divided On Lake Anne Dock Revitalization

Lake Anne Dock Revitalization Debated

The Reston Association needs to replace its aging dock at Lake Anne Village Center, but its Board of Directors were divided on how to move forward with the work during its last meeting on Thursday, Jan. 26.

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Neighbors Rehash Shooting Death

Herndon neighborhood recovers from shooting incident.

“No purse, no phone, no nothing,” she says. “I could not contact my daughter to come and pick me up. I could not call my son … It was very scary,” she says. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

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Neighbors Rehash Shooting Death

Herndon neighborhood recovers from shooting incident.

“No purse, no phone, no nothing,” she says. “I could not contact my daughter to come and pick me up. I could not call my son … It was very scary,” she says. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

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Reston Community Outlook 2017

Revitalization Efforts In The Works

The Reston Association hired Garrett Skinner as director of its new Capital Improvement Planning and Projects Department this month.

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Road Fund and Service District Proposed For Reston and Herndon Property Owners Near Metrorail Stations

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation is seeking permission from the Board of Supervisors to establish a 40-year road fund and a special service district to raise $350 million from people who own residential and commercial property near metrorail stations.

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New Silver Line Stations On Track In Herndon and Reston

New metrorail stations are slowly rising up in Reston and Herndon.

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Public Silent During Public Hearing on Widening of East Elden Street

The Herndon Town Council held its final public hearing on Tuesday, Jan. 10, for the proposed $43.4 million project to widen East Elden Street from four to six lanes between Herndon Parkway and Fairfax County Parkway.

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Communities Practice Disaster Recovery in Hunter Mill

Volunteer group forming to help area recover from potential disaster.

More than 185 people registered to learn about forming a Community Resiliency Group for the Hunter Mill District, which would be activated to aid in the local area’s recovery after a disaster.

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Recognized for Excellence, Lopez Studios participates in Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Ga.

Students from the Lopez Studios, Inc. Performing Arts School in Reston competed in the 2017 iTheatrics Junior Theater Festival this weekend, Jan. 13-15, in Atlanta, Ga.

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Herndon Hostage Situation, House Fire, Suspect Killed

Hostage situation results in house fire and officer-involved shooting death of suspect.

The Fairfax County police shot and killed Mohammad Azim Doudzai, 32, just outside his home in Herndon on Monday afternoon after a domestic argument spiraled out of control.

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Reston: MLK Keynote: ‘How Did We Get From Barack Obama to Donald Trump?’

Reston Community Center’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration

“It was 10:45 p.m. when we heard in our little earpieces that the network was going to call the election for Obama at 11 o’clock.” Reality set in for him. “Looking around the table, I said, ‘Oh dear. When they call the election for Obama, they’re going to go to the black guy, and so I better think of something to say,’” he said, making the audience burst into laughter.

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Reston Town Center Retailers, Patrons Wrestle with New Parking Fees

Reston: Viewpoints: What do you think of the new parking fees?

“Oh, I didn’t know they started charging …. I’ll stick to weekends now I guess, since that’s free.”

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Reston: Company Quits Negotiations with RA on Lake House Independent Review

The company selected by a special committee of the Reston Association to review the purchase and renovation of the deficit-plagued Lake House property backed out of negotiations.

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Herndon: Town Mayor and Councilmembers Sworn-In for 2017-18 Terms


Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel and town council members were sworn into office for their 2017-18 terms on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at the Herndon Municipal Center.

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Reston: On a Collision Course

Save the golf course?

Reston Association disagrees with County over planned road affecting the Hidden Creek Country Club’s golf course.

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Reston: Weight Lifter Provides Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Fitness: "It is impossible to out-train a bad diet.”

“People are motivated and may go too hard, too fast,” Toombs says. “It’s more about starting and building so you don’t burn out and plateau.” Crunch gives new members a body assessment and two complimentary sessions with a personal trainer to make the gym a little less intimidating.

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What is your New Year’s Fitness Resolution and How Will You Keep It?

What is your New Year’s Fitness Resolution and How Will You Keep It?

Reston Association North Point District Director Resigns

Reston Association Board Director Dannielle LaRosa, who represents the North Point District, gave her notice of resignation on Dec. 15.

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Helping Homes Project Team Recognized in Reston

Anna Varone, Reston Association’s director of covenants administration, recognized team members who worked on the RA’s Helping Homes Project this year.

Police Out to Catch Drunken Drivers in Fairfax County

Grant funds new DWI Enforcement Squad.

A new squad of police officers has started patrolling the county and they have only one mission: to combat impaired driving.

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Police Chief’s Cruiser Hit by Drunken Driver


Fairfax County Police Department Chief Col. Edwin Roessler Jr. was rear-ended by a drunken driver in Centreville on Monday night, Dec. 12.

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‘A Simple Gesture’ Goes a Long Way To Fight Hunger

People throughout Northern Virginia are signing up to be a part of the “cool, green bag” movement.

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Independent Review of Reston's Lake House Questioned

The Reston Association Board of Directors met on Dec. 7 to discuss contract issues with the company that was selected to review the association’s handling of the Lake House, a property acquisition and renovation that went over budget and has yielded revenue shortfalls ever since it was purchased in July 2015 for $2.6 million.

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Quarterback Promotes ‘Phones Down. Touchdown.’ Initiative

Redskins’ quarterback urges region to put phones down while behind the wheel.

“If I get sacked in a game, I can get back up and move onto the next play — for the most part,” he said. “But when you text and drive, you might not get back up.”

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Reston Chorale Leads Sing-Along to the ‘Messiah’


“The Christmas portion to the ‘Messiah’ just speaks to people in a way that really gets to the heart of the holiday,” says Meeks-Versteeg."

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Herndon: SPIRIT Equestrian Program Gets a Christmas Miracle

Horseback Riding

“We received the notice to vacate the property exactly one week before Thanksgiving and they wanted us moved out by Dec. 31,” Dada said. “We really need a Christmas miracle to go through this transition and survive it.”

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Herndon: Brothers Receive Good Neighbor Award


Neighbors nominated the brothers for the award because they are always willing to help with yard work, shoveling snow and car repairs.

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Herndon: Downtown Vision Closer to Reality

Town Council endorses proposal for redevelopment of downtown.

During a special meeting on Nov. 30, the Herndon Town Council adopted a resolution that directs town staff to move forward with negotiations on a proposal for the redevelopment of nearly five acres of downtown Herndon.

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McLean: Addiction Is Not 'Somewhere Else'

Former NBA player talks to McLean about countywide drug problem.

Herren believes parents “hover over [their] kids academically, apply pressure athletically and drop the ball socially and emotionally.” He urged parents to play an active role in making sure their kids don’t need substances on a Friday night.

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Herndon: The Giving Circle of HOPE Celebrates Million Dollar Milestone


The Giving Circle of HOPE celebrated a major milestone this year – more than $1 million raised and granted to support small nonprofit organizations in Northern Virginia.

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Reston: Santa Claus Came to Town

The festivities will continue at Reston Town Center throughout December.

“Every year they take a break from telling the elves what to do and what to make to come out here and say a hello,” said Goff. “Santa and Mrs. Claus, we are so glad that you came to help us light our tree once again.”

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Reston: Heroic Rescue at Lake Anne

Beth Hoyos, 47, of Reston helps father and daughter escape a sinking car that crashed into Lake Anne.

“I didn’t stop to think about it,” she says. “The guy said his daughter was in the car and he didn’t know how to swim. There was really no conscience choice. The only thing I really remember thinking at the time was, ‘Should I leave my boots on or take my boots off.’ The rest of it was sort of an autopilot: go in, make sure they’re OK and get them out.”

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Reston: ‘Wild’ Chinese Lantern Festival Illuminates NoVa

Over 800 hand-made lanterns have been shipped from southern China to northern Virginia for the Chinese Lantern Festival at Roer’s Zoofari, the old Reston Zoo, in Vienna. All the lanterns in the festival are life-sized or oversized animals that stand at heights as tall as 55 feet, says George Zhao, spokesperson for the festival.

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Reston: Paying Traffic Tickets with Canned Food Donations?

Reston-based company StandUnited is petitioning the Fairfax County Police Department to allow people to pay their parking tickets with canned food donations for one week during the holidays.

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Herndon: Viewpoints A Thanksgiving Tradition Continues Strong at Herndon Elementary

What are you thankful for?

“The police are very supportive of the school and community as a whole,” says Nancy Cassidy, an office assistant in the main office of the elementary school. “I think they’re very good at community outreach.” She says police officers come every Friday to help pack bags for the school’s Weekend Backpack Program, a program that provides children in need with nutritious, easy-to-prepare food at times when school resources are unavailable, such as weekends and during school vacations. “The kids love seeing them,” Cassidy says.

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Herndon Receives First Application for ‘Metro’ Area Redevelopment

Stanley Martin Homes wants to build 64 new townhomes at 625 Herndon Parkway.

Stanley Martin Homes wants to build 64 new townhomes at 625 Herndon Parkway. This is the first redevelopment requested for the Herndon Transit-Oriented Core, roughly 38 acres of land immediately north of the new metrorail station that is being constructed in Herndon on the Silver line.

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Herndon: Citizen Committee Rejects Cellphone Tower Next to Crossfield Elementary

Committee Denies Cell Tower Application

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the Hunter Mill District Land Use Committee voted 3-2 to deny an application to build a cellphone tower on Crossfield Elementary School property on Fox Mill Road in Herndon. "This is about money, not anything else,” says Griffin, who is a father of a fourth grader who attends the elementary school.Milestone Communications towers on county school properties has generated more than $13 million of income over the last 20 years for the school system, says Forkas. The proposed tower would generate approximately $40,000 of revenue a year for the school system once at least three carriers agree to use the tower, he says.

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Reston: Region Races For ‘Team Red, White & Blue’

More than 600 people from all over the greater Washington area braved 30-degree weather on Sunday morning to salute veterans and members of the military by running in Dominion Consulting’s Third Annual Veterans Day 5K. “Just by getting vets out who have issues [post-traumatic stress disorder] gets them involved and gives them two hours or so to not think about those things,” says Lynch, who is a veteran of the Air Force.

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Reston: Reston Association Board Members Divided; Pools on Chopping Block

Board Divided Over Budget

Reston Association’s 2017 proposed budget was hotly debated during a public hearing that left both residents and board directors in disagreement.