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Bills to the Governor

Governor can sign, veto, amend or take no action on bills that reach his desk. Read on to see what happens next in each case.

The governor has provided little in the way of a preview of what legislative actions he may take, including whether he will sign, amend, or veto bills that would increase the minimum wage and better protect communities from gun violence.

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250 Years of Revolutionary History

As we approach the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, I wanted to highlight another anniversary in Virginia’s revolutionary history.

Is This Acceptable?


What’s Going On Around Reston Non-Town?


Fixing Something That Isn’t Broken

Opinion/Letter to Editor

Opinion/Letter to Editor

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Senate Version of Potomac Yard Arena Proposal Hits a Speedbump — or Roadblock?

Last November, Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced his proposal to relocate the Washington Wizards NBA team and the Washington Capitals NHL team from DC across the river to a $2 billion arena to be built in the City of Alexandria’s Potomac Yard neighborhood.

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Crossover Report

Concerns on transit infrastructure, labor agreements and the impact on our greater metro area lead to “no” vote on the Arena bill.

We have officially reached Crossover in the 2024 General Assembly session! Now, we in the House will turn our attention to the bills that the Senate has sent to us to consider.

Investing in Families with Solutions that Work

Fifty-percent of Americans have less than $400 in their bank accounts, putting them one emergency expense from a devastating financial crisis. In Alexandria and south Arlington, more than 30% of families are unable to cover basic needs.

Open Letter to Ted Leonsis from Andrew Macdonald

Potomac Yard not suitable for Arena.

We want to make sure that there is no misunderstanding that many Alexandrians are angry about the prospect of Virginia taxpayers having to pay to build your sports arena at Potomac Yard.

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Win Some, Lose Some

12 out of 23 is not so bad.

Bills are on the move this fourth week of session here in Richmond! I have had several “losses” this week with my legislation, but they are outweighed by my “wins”.

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Combating Animal Cruelty

During the summer and fall, I heard from constituents who believe that there should be stiffer penalties for those who hurt household pets. We have seen examples of this in our community. Last summer, someone left sausages with fish hooks on Duke Street in Alexandria outside for animals to eat.

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Virginia's Great Outdoors Act

As we hurdle towards crossover day in just two short weeks here in Richmond, I’d like to bring you along on the journey of one of my bills this session. As I have mentioned in previous columns, one bill I introduced this session is the Virginia’s Great Outdoors Act, HB 1297.

Historic District Is Essentially Finished

Letters to the Editor

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Bills, Bills, Bills

We are in the midst of the second full week of session down here in Richmond, and our work is picking up quickly!